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UK magazine ABCs:

UK magazine ABCs:

Paid-for UK magazines audited by ABC lost sales at an average rate of 5.9 per cent year on year on the second half of 2016.

Some 130 out of 357 titles audited by ABC increased their circulation figures.
The combined print and digital editions figures show that most titles are losing sales, but the mag industry is holding up more strongly than the newspaper industry.

The top performers include:
  • Garden Answers: up 41 per cent to 27,957
  • Times Literary Supplement: up 27.6 per cent year to 32,166
  • The Spectator: up 15.2 per cent to 82,585
  • Good Housekeeping: up 11 per cent to 454,697
  • New Statesman: up 5.3 per cent to 34,025
  • London Review of Books: up 4.4 per cent to 70,468
  • Country Living: up 12.5 per cent to 188,915.

Biggest fallers include:
  • Glamour: down 25.6 per cent to 260,422
  • Look: down 22.2 per cent to 90,315
  • Star: down 17.6 per cent to 122,630
  • Heat: down 16.5 per cent to 136,470
  • Empire: down 15.3 per cent to 123,004
  • Hello!: down 15.5 per cent to 225,986
  • Now: down 17.3 per cent to 104,937.

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UK magazine ABCs:

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